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Police Investigate Cause of Cafe Bravo Fire

Cafe Bravo restaurant at Uganda House burns to ashes
Cafe Bravo restaurant at Uganda House burns to ashes

Cafe Bravo Restaurant, an eatery joint hangout in the heart of Kampala has Friday 5th April burnt to ashes following a fire outbreak that took place in the morning.

The day started with a very unfortunate fate for the owners of the eatery as much of their property got damaged and destroyed beyond repair in the fire.

According to the Police report that has so far been released, reveals that the fire broke out at around 5 am and briskly engulfed the restaurant premises to ashes.

Property worth millions of shillings has since been damaged including chairs, tables, electrical appliances, and among many other items.

Based on the Police report released by the Assistant Superintendent of Police and Deputy Police Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigyire noted that when they were alerted about the fire, the Police dedicated team from the Fire Prevention and Rescue Services rushed to the scene to contain the situation which they did successfully before it could spread to the other parts of the building.

“Today, April 5th, 2024, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Services responded to a fire outbreak at Cafe Bravo Restaurant, located at Uganda House on Kampala Road. The fire, suspected to have ignited around 5 am, swiftly engulfed the restaurant premises. Our dedicated team from the Fire Prevention and Rescue Services promptly arrived at the scene and successfully contained the fire before it could spread further throughout the building. However, significant damage to the property ensued”, he said.

He added that the probe into the fire outbreak is underway as the force is gathering information to determine what could have led to the cause of the epidemic.

The other positive report from the Cafe Bravo fire is that no life was reported to have been injured or lost during the outbreak as we wait for the developments later in the day.

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“Investigations into the cause of the fire outbreak are currently underway, with investigators actively gathering evidence at the scene to aid in determining the root cause. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries or fatalities resulting from the incident. Further updates will be provided as soon as additional information becomes available”, Luke Owoyesigyire.

Following the fire outbreak, we hope this time around Police will come up with a conclusive report about the fires since the previous reports are still pending.

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