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Miles Rwamiti calls for quality over quick fame in Ugandan music industry

Miles Rwamitti Apuuli

Miles Rwamiti Apuuli, a media personality, criticized artists who sing vulgar lyrics in their songs to gain fame.

He believes that such songs are total rubbish and are not taking the Ugandan music industry anywhere. He attributes the rise of artists who sing such songs to the rush to gain quick fame, expensive cars, and building mansions.

He urged artists to re-evaluate themselves and think better before releasing new music. He adds that the reason why some artists fade so quickly is because of the kind of music that they release that is not sustainable.

Singing vulgar lyrics is total rubbish. When you compose and sing vulgar lyrics your fame will be short-lived and I don’t believe that kind of music is taking our music industry anywhere. I think artists doing that should check and re-evaluate themselves on that again.

Miles Rwamiti thus implored creatives to take time when composing their songs so that they could come up with educative lyrics that deliver music that would add positively to the nation and maybe also live long as artists giving examples of Afrigo Band, Maddox Semanda Ssematimba among other stars that have stayed on the music scene for more than 20 years.

”What leads them to compose such songs is the fact that they don’t spend much time creating their songs. They’re always in a hurry and rush to become stars and want to own posh cars and houses in a very bad and very short period” Miles Rwamiti said in an interview.

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