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Mc Kapale and American Mzungu wife love affair ends in tears.

Mc. Kapale performing on stage
Mc. Kapale performing on stage

Our undisclosed sources have revealed that all is not well for our once celebrated now faded comedian Kawuki Bashir a.k.a Mc Kapale. The comedian whose career ended prematurely had relocated to America for greener pastures after falling out with many event promoters and managers.

The bitter fallout with promoters left him broke since he was not booked for shows and the only option was to fly out of the country to try out another luck.

It is on record that Mc. Kapale was advised to reconcile with the event promoters and also apologize to be forgiven for the bitter remarks he had made against them.

However, this fell on deaf ears as he refused to bend low and opted to rather leave the comedy industry. Luckily, earlier this year, he fell in love with an American woman and they wedded to legalize their bonking.

And in the past few months of their love life, he has been posting his love and cozy moments with his partner on social media handles.

However, the love affair did not last long after the wife discovered that comedian Mc Kapale was targeting to get citizenship instead of focusing on the love affair.

A dispute ensued which later led to a breakup giving room to its end. We have learned that Mc. Kapale has since left the home of his wife with all his belongings and relocated to a friend’s home.

This is not the first incident where Ugandan celebrities have abandoned their careers to travel abroad for greener pastures.

Many musicians including journalists, doctors, and teachers have decided to quit their careers in Uganda and focus on relocating to better and more developed countries where they believe life can be changed and their goals achieved.

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