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Shifura reveals boyfriend dumped her following viral Hozambe video

Shifura of the viral Hozambe clip

Shifura, the girl in the trending viral Hoozambe clip online has disclosed that her boyfriend with whom they bear a child dumped her when he crossed paths with the video.

The 21-year-old disclosed that when the clip went viral her boyfriend got upset and the two had a quarrel on the phone and thus called off their relationship as the unnamed guy explained that he couldn’t afford to live with a lady who sits on another man’s thigh and starts to groove to music in a manner that seemed as if they were up to something romantic.

At the moment, Shifura who has a baby boy says she is single and searching for a new partner who is ready to face the world through thick and thin with her.

I was at work when the video was posted, and everyone was telling me about a trending video that I didn’t know about. It went so viral that when my boyfriend saw it, he broke up with me questioning why I had to sit on another man’s lap like that. I am now very much single and searching”, Shifura.

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The Making of The Hoozambe Video

Speaking in an interview, Shifurah disclosed that Hoozambe came to her workplace (at a boutique) in Bwaise and requested for her boss to take part in a video that they were recording.

Shifura’s boss calmly permitted her to go and the two among other guys recorded the video that was shared on TikTok. By evening, the video was everywhere on social media.

Right now, Shifura and Hozambe are the two latest public figures who have joined Ugandan showbiz and are expected to milk the clip this whole weekend until the end of the month as they will be performing at different gigs.

Shifura disclosed that she has been apart from Hozambe because her phone had been stolen by thieves in Kampala who were riding a motorcycle and she is apparently off the air.

She also noted that she took a break from work and returned to ease the pressure that came with the video clip since it is becoming hard for her to balance fame and being the normal person that she was.

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