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Shifurah gets brand-new iphone 15 pro-max from Don.Chris

D-Star and Shifura of Hoozambe fame
shifurah of hozambe fame

Viral Tik Toker of the Hozambe fame, Shifurah is on cloud nine after city socialite Don. Chris donated a brand-new iPhone 15 pro-max to her.

The city money bags Don Chris was replying to her pledge after crying to the public on social media that she has no phone to contact her fans and also to make more content.

According to Shifurah, her phone was stolen by thieves around Kampala while on her way from work shortly after making the Hozambe viral video with a friend.

“My friend came to my work place and requested for the permission to make a video with me from my boss, who allowed us, ” Shifurah narrated about the making of Hozambe.

That is the reason why she could not reach out to her fans and also make more content.

As the growing number of content creators skyrockets, TikTok is now the leading number one source of content as many youth have embraced the platform for its usability and capacity to transform their content for every large audience to see it.

Many have gained job opportunities and sponsorships from multinational companies reducing to the burden of unemployment.

The Hozambe song has been a number-one club banger and many people have come on board all over East Africa to make its TikTok video challenge.






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