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D-Star of ‘Hoozambe’ Fame Accused of Mobile Phone Theft

D-Star and Shifura of Hoozambe fame
shifurah of hozambe fame

Uprising singer D-Star of the “Hoozambe” fame has been accused of phone theft by his fellow upcoming artists who claim that the song originally belonged to them.

His accusers narrated that he stole their song when he visited one of their studios and stole a mobile phone on which the song’s demo had been recorded.

“He is a fake dude who stole work and went on to release it claiming it is his. He stole our mobile phone from the studio and on that phone is where the “Hoozambe” demo was recorded”, D-Star accusers said in an interview on Sanyuka TV.

D-Star has yet to comment on the allegations since he visited Nairobi, Kenya where his song has been warmly welcomed by several netizens including prominent and public figures who have been seen hopping on the challenge.

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One in particular is veteran Kenyan singer Nameless who is willing to drop the remix of “Hoozambe” very soon. He is currently in Uganda and working on the remix version that he plans to finish in a few days.

He met Shifura – the 21-year-old girl in the viral video and had a light moment with her and was excited to rub shoulders with her.

It should be recalled that when the “Hoozambe” viral clip went public, Shifura fell out with D-Star and broke up with her boyfriend who was upset with her sitting on D-Stars lap to record the clip.

We are waiting for Nameless’ remix of “Hoozambe” and weigh how he would have performed on the track. During his meet-up with Shifura, Nameless disclosed that the challenge he recorded with his wife Wahu was recorded by his twelve-year-old child and later shared on their social media accounts.

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