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Uganda house in Nairobi set ablaze during Kenya Protests

Uganda house in Nairobi on fire
Uganda house in Nairobi on fire

For weeks, the ongoing protests against the Financial Bill 2024 have not spared any valuable property on Nairobi’s streets, including the famous Uganda House. The protesters broke into the building and managed to set it ablaze.

They used locally made petrol bombs with the help of flammable materials like items of clothing to set the building on fire. Luckily, people were evacuated before the situation turned worse and no reports of any casualties have been recorded from the building.

According to one of the employees, the situation was getting worse and more tense because they were now left helpless and could not get any support to extinguish the fire.

“This is Uganda house on fire and we are likely to lose it because the fire is too big and we don’t have any nearby water pumps. The situation is terrible, there are only three water pumps in the city. We are losing Uganda house I can see. It is terrible and hurting. This shouldn’t have been coming to us at this time,” he said.

However, many other properties have also been destroyed including the Nairobi co-operative Bank and the Parliament of Kenya which where raided by protesters. Police and military vehicles were also destroyed and some homes of Kenya’s most influential leaders.

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