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Winnie Wa Mummy thumped at birthday event of student

winnie wa mummy in a studio
winnie wa mummy in a studio

Tik Toker turned upcoming artist Winnie Wa Mummy is in tears after being thumped by a school gateman of one of the popular schools around town at a birthday event.

The Tik Toker had been hired to make a surprise for one of the students at school. However, after a few minutes of happiness and celebrations, things turned worse as the school authorities demanded the party to end immediately.

In a scuffle and bitter exchange of words, the security is alleged to have thumped Winnie Wa Mummy and forced her out of the school.

Her plea to get justice from the management of the school fell on deaf ears as no one cared to listen to her. The tearful Tik Toker could not believe that such an act could happen to a person of her caliber.

She kept crying and begging for an official apology from the school management or later sue the school for the conduct of their employee.

It should be noted that she turned into a musician after being signed by dancehall artist Mudra D Viral.

According to Mudra, Winnie Wa Mummy is a super-talented artist who impressed him whenever she did the TikTok challenge on his songs.

That is the reason why he was convinced to sign her and improve her abilities as an artist. Mudra and Winnie Wa Mummy have a collaboration titled ‘ Wuhu’ which has been a banger on all media outlets.

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