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R&B singer Acidic Vokoz recounts near-death experience during P.7 exams

Acidic Vokoz R&B star

Baba Mama Entertainment R&B singer Acidic Vokoz recounted a moment when he almost lost his breathe while sitting for his Primary Seven (P.7) mathematics mock exams.

Appearing at Sanyuka Bigenda Bitya TV Show, the “Ndi Musoga” singer explained that during his P.7 mock exams, he experience an uneasy feeling that almost threatened to end his life.

While he sat at the back bench of the examination room, he developed an exam fear and his breathe was cut short. In the struggle to find his breathe, Acidic Vokoz stood up and jumped on the top of his desk and ran over other students papers storming outside of the room to catch a fresh breathe.

When he reached outside, he sat down as he left the wondering what had happened to him until his class teacher came and found him outside. The teacher let me catch a fresh and consoled him to be calm.

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After a few minutes, he returned to the exam room and sat for his paper as tears rolled down his check to the chin.

While in P.7 second term, I was sitting for a mock exam when my heart started beating fast. I went outside and sat on the veranda to calm down. Then, I went back inside and completed my paper.- Acidic Vokoz.

He notes that when the results returned, he had performed poorly in Math scoring F9 and his teacher asked him to pull his sock else he would score the same grade in the PLE finals.

He heed to his teachers advice and thus doubled his efforts to the extent that he scored C4 in the finals which was very impressive.

Acidic Vokoz claims that King Saha is his local icon while Omah Lay is his international icon.

I want to concentrate on singing, so I stopped production. My icon is King Saha, and when I met him, he was very kind to me. Omah Lay is my international icon.- Acidic Vokoz.

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