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Medical Herbalist Hajj Sadam Rashid Lukwago lost, Family in Panic

hajj saddam rashid lukwago
hajj saddam rashid lukwago

The family of renowned medical herbalist Hajj Saddam Rashid Lukwago is in panic after their brother went mute and all his known contacts went off. The medical herbalist whose name has resonated within the family for dealing in traditional herbal medicine is believed to be suffering from depression after some of the family members disowned him.

Hajj Saddam Rashid Lukwago was accused of shaming the family and also misusing the name ‘Rashid  Lukwago’ which is a family name for business.

According to the family, the medical herbalist has been doing things that are contrary to the principles of the family and the religion since they are staunch Muslims.

To add to that, he also divorced all his three wives and married a new woman in the month of fasting which was not supported by many of his family members, especially the elder brothers.

An emergency family meeting was held and he was condemned for his actions which resulted in a serious rift within the family .

However, rumors from some close friends attribute his bad behavior to have been caused by poor performance in business and having a very big family burden.

Hajj Saddam Rashid Lukwago is believed to have moved to South Africa with his wife after claiming to have received threats from unknown people.

Whereas his whereabouts are still unknown, his family has reported a case of  a missing person and also asked the general public to avail any information regarding his where about.

Traditional natural herbal medicine has been part of the Ugandan health care system with many Ugandans preferring it to the modern medicine .

The family of ‘ Late Rashid Lukwago’ has been at the fore front to spear head its promotion and passing on the knowledge to the younger generation with experience.

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