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Mozart studio boss in tears after insuarance company fails to comply

Mbogo moses of mozart studios
Mbogo moses of mozart studios

Renowned events photographer and boss at Mozart Studios, Mboggo Moses, is in tears after insurance company CIC failed to compensate him for the damages caused by fire to his studios. The company well known for taking pictures and videography at events like weddings, parties, and other ceremonies faced the wrath of a devasting fire outbreak which destroyed the studios and equipment worth millions of Uganda shillings.

Mozart Studios and Pictures has been in the business for over 15 years transforming the industry into a professional job and inspiring many other photographers.

However, things turned sour after CIC General Insurance which has been its business partner failed to step in and compensate for the damages insured against after a fire outbreak.

According to Mbogo Moses, CIC General Insurance deducted part of his money, two million, as insurance fees. However, on the fateful day of 14th January 2024, a fire outbreak gutted his studios and a lot of property worth millions of Uganda shillings was destroyed.

To add to that, over eight offices had also been destroyed and it was at the mercy of the Lord that the Police fire fighting unit hurriedly helped to put out the fire.

Mbogo Moses claims that the fire affected him so much destroying studio equipment like drones, video cameras, computers, and many others.

” The firefighters managed to put out the fire but also destroyed some equipment after splashing water all over to put out the fire. Most of our equipment does not deal with water and can be easily destroyed even by a drop of water. A lot of my work was destroyed and hard disks burnt to ashes,” Mbogo Moses claimed.

However, before the fire outbreak, I was servicing a loan from Finance Trust Bank and I was assured that the loan was Insured.

When I contacted my Bank, they directed me to CIC Insurance to follow up and seek help. To my dismay, after collecting all the information nothing has been done to help me out of the situation am in.

After a month when I had defaulted to service my loan, the bank sent me a letter to take away my house which I had used as a security for the loan.

All my attempts to get the required service from my Insurance partner have not yielded any good results and I was tossed up and down without any clear explanation.

Until now I have not gotten any help from which I had insured.

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