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NUP is set to replace defiant leaders in the next elections

Bobi Wine addressing the NUP members
Bobi Wine addressing the NUP members

The National Unity Platform (NUP), the leading opposition political party in the country, has announced its intentions to replace its defiant leaders with new ones all over the country. The information was availed by the chief of mobilization and elder brother to the party president Bobi Wine, Fred Nyanzi.

This comes as a result of a widening rift between some party members who have failed to come to terms with the party principles and agenda by involving in some dubious activities that are against the party.

It is on record that the party is rigorous in the conduct of its leaders and nothing is tolerated concerning poor leadership.

According to the party president, Hon.Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the leaders should be exemplary and with clean hands-free from corruption which has destroyed our country.

” We are not surprised by the audacity of MPs if their colleagues managed to pocket over one trillion meant to construct the Lubowa Hospital and got away with it, while others managed to pocket public funds meant for buying artificial breathing machines for Covid-19 patients, that means there is no limit. We must all understand it was not because he wanted to fight corruption that Museveni forced to reconsider the approved budget.

He was simply angry that his own NRM Mps had stolen more than him” Bobi Wine noted.


The party and its leadership have faced a very tough challenge, especially from its most senior leaders who have either drifted from the party principals or were planning against the party’s success. These have been allegedly blackmailing the party and undermining the credibility of the party president and fellow leaders to lead the party.

Notably, the fallout of former Leader of Opposition and Mukungwe Nyendo member of Parliament Hon. Matius Mpuuga, who has on several occasions questioned the credibility of Bobi Wine to lead the party.

Hon. Matius Mpuuga has also termed the party president as an ‘amateur’ in leadership and needs to be taught what to do by the seniors.

“We can not be led by drug addicts to ascend to power. The president who is in power is always awake 24/7. He is never in bars or doesn’t even know the test of alcohol. While those dreaming about power are always in bars and never sober. You should tell them that if they want power they should leave the bars and concentrate on the aim of achieving power,” parliament commissioner Hon Matius Mpuuga.

However, the  NUP party president Bobi Wine replied to his remarks by reminding the former leader of the opposition Hon.Mathius Mpuuga that it was the same people he calls drug addicts who elected him to influential positions within the party and parliament.

” Hon. Mathius Mpuuga should be reminded that he came to NUP’s well-known caliber of people to work with. The same people he calls drug addicts are the ones who chose and elected him as the Leader of the Opposition in parliament and also chose him as the parliamentary commissioner, it is unfair for him to blame us after digging out his wrongdoing which we don’t support,” Bobi Wine told his supports during a weekly press brief at the party headquarters in Makere kavule.

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