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Makindye Gangu residents in panic, NEMA issues eviction notice

residents of makindye Gangu residents and leaders in a meeting to solve NEMA issues
residents of makindye Gangu residents and leaders in a meeting to solve NEMA issues

Like in the previous NEMA campaigns, the people of Gangu in Makindye and surrounding places are in panic mode after the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) issued a fresh warning to evict them.

According to the residents, they acquired the land legally and have fulfilled their duties as legal citizens including paying taxes to the central government.

Therefore it is unfair for the government to decide and evict them without first compensating them. Many residents have spent years building homes in the same areas, including starting families.

One resident shared how he was left homeless after a similar eviction campaign was conducted in Lubigi and Nansana where all his rental houses were demolished without even receiving compensation.

However, the official communication from NEMA has cited that no one is going to be compensated since the residents encroached on the wetland.

” We as NEMA are not going to compensate anybody since our mandate is to protect the environment. These people had encroached on the wetland and need to find another place to settle. The environment needs to be protected for human survival, and also nature”  Mr. William noted.

However, when the residents reached out to their leaders including the lord mayor of Kampala Elias Lukwago, and area members of parliament Hon. Allan Ssewanyana and Hon.Derrick Nyeko, they received some hope after the leaders promised to help out in the situation.

Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago informed the residents of his engagement with the executive director of NEMA, it was resolved that all eviction operations be halted pending further inquiries into the matter.

He also rallied residents and leaders to focus and unite on how to handle matters in unison with other areas facing same similar challenges.

” We as leaders are going to do our best in resolving this issue,” Lukwago promised.

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