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‘Doozi’ by Gravity and Shakira Shakira is an example of two empty tins meeting – Prima Kardashi

Prima Kardashi

Following the controversy surrounding Gravity Omutujju and Shakira Shakiraa’s new song titled ‘Doozi’, socialite Prima Kardashi has added weight to critic the song.

Known for being a warmonger, the mother of two took to her Facebook account and threw shade toward Gravity and Shakira Shakiraa’s latest release when she described their joint effort as the “real example of two empty tins meeting”.

“Gravity and Shakira Shakira new song is a real example of when two empty tins meet”, Prima Kardish wrote on her Facebook page.

Meanwhile, neither Gravity nor Shakira Shakiraa has yet to comment about the shade she threw toward them but we are certain the Trouble Tabu Entertainment boss will do so when the press asks him to have a word about the diss that was sent to them.

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Prima Kardashi threw jabs at Gravity and Shakira Shakiraa after the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) President Herbert Luswata criticized local rapper Gravity Omutujju and singer Shakira Shakiraa for misrepresenting the medics’ outfit in their new music video.

While addressing the press, Dr. Herbert Luswata stated that the footage paints a negative image of the doctor’s profession adding that it is a disgrace to the profession.

He added that he is working with the medics chairman of ethics and professionalism Dr. Kaweru to draft a letter requesting the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to ban the song on moral grounds before he apologized to Gravity and Shakira Shakiraa who has already finished shooting the music video that they plan to distribute to different media outlets for airing.

Gravity and Shakira Shakiraa are not the first Ugandan musicians to record a music video while wearing the medics outfits since we have seen artists like Spice Diana and Weasel & Radio dress in a similar but they did not misrepresent the outfit as Shakira did.

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