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Buganda kingdom chiefs arrested in Namibia

Buganda kingdom clan chiefs in namibia
Buganda kingdom clan chiefs in namibia

The police of Namibia have arrested a group of Buganda Kingdom chiefs (Bataka) who had traveled to the south African country to check on the King of Buganda , Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

The Buganda kingdom chiefs traveled a week ago to the south African country to try and clarify the actual situation of the king’s health.

And also to dispel rumors from social media that the king was detained by unknown people. It is on record that the ailing King has been sick for quite a long time, however, his sickness has not yet been disclosed.

According to the Kingdom’s Premier Katiikiro Charles Peter Mayiiga, he had talked to the king and was assured that the situation was good and his health was improving gradually.

Furthermore, the King’s stay in Namibia was advised by his German doctors because they believed that the king needed enough rest away from his general duties.

On the other hand, some Buganda kingdom chiefs were not convinced by Katikiro’s remarks and decided to embark on the journey to find out the truth.

To their dismay, the situation has turned sour after traveling more than 300km and being arrested by police who confined them at a station.

” We started our journey very well. we drove more than 300km all most reaching at the facility. However, we were stopped by police and told to seek permission from the Katiikiro and Ugandan Embassy then we would be allowed to proceed. They drove us back to the police station and we have been trying to explain to them our issue and reason why we are here,” one of the clan chiefs narrated.


For a while now, the health of the King has been a matter of concern with many subjects worrying about him. They have tried to find out why he has been unwell for a long time despite the resources surrounding him.

They also believe that the king can afford the best health care in the world and should not be treated in poor countries with poor medical systems.

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