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Carol Nantongo plans a private marital function with a limited number of guests

Carol Nantongo

Singer Carol Nantongo has revealed that she plans to hold a private marital function with a limited number of guests.

She explains that does not want to have many people at her function because she hates critics who always want to give small mishaps at a function abroad lifeline.

The “Oliwa” singer open up about her wishes and dislikes during marital celebrations stressing how she loved the way Eddy Kenzo and Phiona Nyamutooro held their Kukyala function that went down on 29th of June in Bunga.

“My marital function will also be very private because it will be between me and my paterner and not the public. I intend to invite very few people to my function because I hate critics”, Carol Nantongo said in an interview.

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Nantongo also commended Eddy Kenzo and Hon. Phiona Nyamutooro for looking smart and elegant at their recent Kukyala ceremony and maintained that she is only friends with Kenzo and nothing more to that as critics spread the rumors online.

Before Eddy Kenzo and Hon. Phiona Nyamutooro made their romance official, word on the street had it that the Big Talent Entertainment boss was dating Nantongo and Lydia Jazmine.

In the middle of the rumors, Nantongo and Jazmine’s relationship hit a dead end and at the moment they don’t see eye-to-eye though the exact reason why the two fell out has never been disclosed by either of the two.

In the future, the two could reunite and burry their past since they move in the same line of business.

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