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Katiikiro – The youth should leave and stop drug abuse

Katiikiro charles peter mayiiga
Katiikiro charles peter mayiiga

The Katiikiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiiga has clapped back at people asking to know more about the health situation of the Kabaka. In his speech, he advised the youth especially those on social media to leave and stop drug abuse and instead devote their energy to doing productive work.

This is not the first time that the Buganda kingdom premier has faced criticism over the health condition of the kabaka. There have been several campaigns staged by the youth to let him know that they are not satisfied with what is happening to their king.

The latest event of the Buganda kingdom chiefs who traveled to Namibia has also caused mixed reactions among the public after they were stopped midway through the journey and ordered to seek permission before proceeding.

According to the Katiikiro, the king is well and fine. There is no need to cause urgent panic among the public.

” The king is well and fine in Namibia, the good thing is that you saw and heard from him in a video. There are certain people who are drug abusers, when they wake up high and drunk, they become disturbed.  I don’t drink anything. Do you see me disorganized? ”   He asked.

To add to that, the katiikiro asked the kingdom subjects to focus on things that improve on their livelihoods.

“Don’t waste time on things that don’t make sense. The truth is that I have told you about the king’s condition. Don’t give them time but be curious to such people who pretend to love the king much more than the king’s family. Have you ever seen such anywhere? If you are looking for a strong person who can handle such a situation, look for a person from the ‘ Mutima ‘ clan.

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