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Pia Pounds plans to expand beyond Uganda with new album

Pia Pounds in studio

Singer Tracy Kirabo, also known as Pia Pounds, is working on a new album that she plans to release soon.

She aims to make the album an East African vibe that will cross beyond the Ugandan borders and become an international star.

Pia Pounds, formerly of Big Talent Entertainment, says she is not in a rush and is taking her time to work on the album so that she can come up with something perfect to suit her audience that she commands in the East African region.

She adds that she is working on something that she wants to be presentable and she is seeking amazing collaborators to work with and aims at having a better album than her previous EP that she dropped.

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“I have an album coming and I want it to represent growth. First of all I don’t want to be under any kind of pressure of releasing new music. But I’m taking my time because I want it to come and hit the right spot. so I’m taking my time. It has amazing collaborations and I want it to have an East African vibe because I have audiences in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Congo because I want something that is presentable.  I’m seeking amazing collaborators and aiming to represent an East African vibe that goes beyond just Uganda. I want the album to be better than my previous EP (short album)”- Pia Pounds .

Pia Pounds is one of the promising female talents in the country who has invested lots of time and money in her craft to be where she is at the moment.

She has a bigger and wider vision of where she wants to see herself in the near future as she looks to making it to the world stage.

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