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Why meeting STRANGERS can be such a great deal.

people gathered at a park during summer, any one can be a stranger to the other
people gathered at a park during summer, any one can be a stranger to the other

Meeting a stranger is often uncomfortable and sometimes a dangerous position because of the little unknown about this new person. However, it can turn out to be a turning point in your life of events.

Personally, sometimes am nervous when I bump into a stranger at work or during my free time at home. Something deep inside pushes me hard to get to know more about this new person.

I give my best of time and listen to what they have to say and share my opinion especially at work while facing new clients. An amazing experience is all I can say…

One time I crossed paths with a very beautiful young intelligent lady whom I later learned that she was among the best artists we have in the country.

She inspired me to learn art something I despised way back while still in high school but not anymore. She challenged me to try it out and make a beautiful human piece, guess what?

It was the most interesting moment of my trip!

An unforgettable experience is all I can say…

Today we have come up with some of the reasons why you need to pull up your game whenever you meet a stranger.


Strangers can be new business partners or clients looking for products at a rather fair price and offering them what they need can be a good thing for both the business and you as the owner. In case it is a big contract, it widens your market base and the company’s reputation in society.


Finding new partners has no right formula in human nature. At any moment one can find a better half anywhere, anytime, and in any place. Mostly these people can be new to us but when the feelings match, it can turn out blossoming.


A stranger can turn into your best friend regardless of the circumstances. Many people have made friendships, especially after meeting for the first time. This usually happens when in leisure during a party, football game, music concert, or any other place like a church where many people of different origins gather.

They connect and interact with each other and often form long-lasting friendships.


Often when people travel especially those long distances on a safari, it is very likely that they will have to ask for direction at some point. This is because they are always new to these areas. The locals are always at hand to help tell the right direction these visitors should take not to get lost in the wilderness.

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