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The Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga introduced Mr. Eria Lwasi Buzaabo as the new clan head of the Ndiga clan on Friday at Bulange Mengo.

Mr Lwasi Buzaabo has replaced the late Daniel Bossa whom assailants murdered on his way back home in Lungujja, Lubaga division as he was from attending a meeting in Lubowa. However, the reason behind his murder is still unknown as the Police are carrying out further investigations into the matter.

Based on the eyewitnesses who saw the murder take place, revealed that Mr. Bossa was being trailed by the assailants on a boda-boda and when they drew closer to him, one pulled out an AK-47 and shot several bullets toward him that hit him in the chest and died instantly at the crime scene.

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One of the assailants was trailed by other boda-boda men and he was caught thus pounced on him and beat him to death he tried to out his gun to shoot them as well but the gun got stuck in the boda-boda wheels thus making him unable to for him to escape.

Mr Lwasi Buzaabo is to carry on the work of the office of ‘Lwomwa’ and serve the kingdom’s interests to the Kabaka subjects.

He starts his duties with immediate effect since there is a lot of work to be fulfilled for the Buganda Kingdom. One of the assailants who did not die on the spot was apprehended and he is facing legal action as he is being charged with murder.

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