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OMUKWANO REVIEW: Mpiima Johnson’s new album is mostly form over substance.

Mpiima Music, real name Mpiima Johnson, an emerging Afrobeats sensation, has shown himself to be a master of showmanship.

He has a knack for seizing every opportunity to its fullest extent and he did not disappoint with the recent release of his first studio album, “Omukwano” which dropped on February 16th.

Mpiima Johnson promoted his previous music videos, Tek You Out, and Awana Love, as superior to his earlier work, in my opinion, as a scholar of music, there is now enough evidence that this is the album to reckon with from production to promotion.

Once again, Mpiima Johnson has employed good tactics in promoting “Omukwano” and this approach has garnered him positive publicity, and sure results are now reflected given the talkability of the album worldwide.

Mpiima Johnson’s music success is driven by his charismatic persona, as he
acknowledges, Omukwano will expand his discography and increase his presence at concerts and online monetary platforms.

Mpiima Johnson drops Omukwano

Mpiima johnson

Despite the flood of flattering reviews, Omukwano is, unfortunately, no exception to Mpiima Music’s tendency to prioritize style over substance.

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    Who is Mpiima Johnson?

Born in the Ugandan city of Kampala, the artist identified as a Ugandan singer-songwriter and record producer.
Mpiima Music rose to prominence shortly after the release of his debut single Tek You Out in 2022.

His production skills endeared him to many, contributing to the rise of his great singles comprising of Afrobeats, RnB, and Ragga genres.

Following his debut collaboration, I Will Never Leave You (featuring T-Rymz) in 2022, Mpiima Johnson experienced significant success. The song did so well on both airwaves and online music platforms that by the time he released Tek You Out, Awana Love (2022), and Nkwagala (2023), he had already solidified his position as an emerging artist to look for.

The notable pattern in Mpiima Johnson’s album is his apparent fixation on the number 10 where his studio album consists of 10 tracks.

                 What’s on the album?
Even before its release, Mpiima Johnson capitalized on this emotional resonance. Coupled with the challenges of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Afrobeats, RnB, and Ragga where youthfulness often overshadows older artists.

Mpiima Johnson’s choice of collaborating with different producers on the album becomes clearer. The opening track, Confirm, revolves around themes of boastfulness, invincibility, and gratitude for divine favor.

Mpiima Music portrays himself as a modern-day David facing his Goliaths. There’s a brief departure into themes of sensuality and love on track 3 featuring Kateh Beats, a new producer.

He then returns to themes of dominance on track 4, Uganda Yaffe, arising from a promising producer Kateh Beats.

Track 5, Me and You, was produced by Dats on the Beat. The track is too soothing and on it, Mpiima Johnson proved his vocal prowess.

While Confirm serves as a fitting album opener with its restrained yet groovy percussion, some people still suggest track 8 Togenda, produced by Kateh producer Yeah, It’s Don as being their Favorite.

          To Sum Up

On Omukwano, Mpiima Johnson opts for simplicity. He has positioned himself as a socially conscious artist.

The standout vocal performance on Omukwano comes from track 7 Control, produced by Kateh and it’s arguably the album’s strongest Afrobeat jam.

This underscores Mpiima Music’s status as (RA Avenue Music) whose template provides a platform for younger artists to thrive.

He rises by lifting others and through this album, it’s all evidenced due to the way he met the standards he and his loyal fans expected.

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