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Hon: Mathias Mpuuga Suspended From Deputy President Buganda Region

Hon.Mathius Mpuuga and Bobi Wine seated at NUP offices.

The National Unity Platform [NUP] has officially suspended Hon: Mathias Nsamba Mpuuga from the position of deputy president of the party in the Buganda region.

According to a letter circulating on social media platforms that was signed by the party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine, says the former leader of the opposition [Lop] was suspended due to his failure to fully explain how he managed to get a parliament reward of 500million shillings without a proper process as required by law.

Based to NUP, the service reward was illegal and an act of corruption and abuse of office which is not acceptable based on the values of the party.

Hon: Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba’s act has caused a very huge debate all over social media, and radio stations, and sent shock waves into the entire country since it was new to see a corrupt official being punished in the country, especially under the regime.

Although corruption is one of the major problems facing the country, it is on record that fighting the vice is more difficult than easily said by those responsible for fighting it.

However, despite the call from his leading party to step down as parliamentary commissioner and apologize to the country, it seems to be a high tide for the legislator to accept his mistakes and wrongdoing.

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He has since dismissed the issues at hand and termed the individuals involved in calling him out to apologize saying the move is a political witch-hunt aimed at blackmail and tarnishing his name in the public domain. From his perspective, he believes the party is being misled and under siege from captors whom he didn’t mention according to his press release on the micro-blogging social media platform X formerly known as Twitter.

Some of his friends especially from the Democratic Party (DP) block have gone ahead to attack the party and its leaders accusing it of poor leadership and lack of a sense of direction. They have openly discussed the party secrets and blamed the party for being so abusive, especially from its fans and followers.

Among the colleagues who have backed up him include Dr. Abedi Bwanika, Hon. Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa, and Hon. Merdard Ssegona who even failed to appear at the party’s leaders meeting that was called a few weeks ago by the party president at the party headquarters in Makerere Kavule.

The above missed without apology as to why they had missed the meeting that was called by the president H.E Bobi Wine. The suspension is now the fresh talk in the political field and Hon. Mpuuga has responded to the sacking that he has been subjected to by this party president.

“The President National Unity Platform (NUP), Kampala. RE: PURPORTED SUSPENSION AS DEPUTY PRESIDENT I’ve seen a circulating document on social media, purportedly signed by yourself, in the latest fashion by the party. If indeed it is your document and signature, I appreciate and sympathize with you on the current desperate situation. I appreciate and understand that you are under siege. I don’t know how to help you and support you. In view of the contents of the impugned document, that the person suspended failed to supply a satisfactory explanation, yet the same person was earlier on reported to have confessed and apologized, I don’t know how to rescue you and the party from the captors. The prevailing desperate situation and the circumstances we find ourselves in, will afford me more time and space to consult with the rank and file of the party for a way forward. Accept once again my sympathies for the unyielding siege that has impaired judgement at the highest echelons of the party. I remain at your service and that of the party and the country. Mathias Mpuuga (MP) COMMISSIONER OF PARLIAMENT”.

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