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Shamim Zubedah Vows To Exchange Words With Talk N Talk Crew Until They Start Wearing Pads

Shamim Mayanja a.k.a Zubedah Byantalo
Shamim Mayanja a.k.a Zubedah Byantalo

Motor-mouthed actress Shamim Zubedah Byantalo has vowed to go toe-to-toe with the Talk N Talk show crew after the quadruple talked about her husband something which didn’t sit well with her.

She notes that the person who made her lose her cool is Eddie Ssendi who had turned it a habit of talking about her until they touched the wrong button by talking about her husband who has never talked about any of them.

She reasoned that all along she had no issues with talking about her but her anger was triggered when she talked about someone who is not in their industry.

For that matter, Shamim Zubedah Byantalo has vowed that he is going to exchange words with them until they start feeling crumps pain and also get to start wearing pads.

She warned that they made a grave mistake in attacking her husband adding that for a while he had been hearing the quadruple belittling but it is their turn to face the wrath of people who are fed up with them.

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She further explained that recently they took war with Spice Diana stating that they have no authority to talk about artists since they have failed to create any who could reach Spice’s level.

Eddy Ssendi has no authority to discuss any musician or artist here. He was even making a mistake talking about Spice Diana. He has grown up on our artists’ money since his elder brother was the president of artists and we wonder where artists’ money had been going. Eddy Ssendi never repeat that act of calling me stupid. I’m one of the multi-talented women we have in Uganda. My exchange of words will not cease even if they all converge together and attack me, I will hit them until they start putting on pads.

Zubendah Byantalo disclosed that she is going for their necks until the last drop without surrendering to any of them adding that she is not scared whether they attack him as a click.

The Talk N Talk show crew consists of Jenkins Mukasa, Edward Ssendi, Batt Badru, and the host Kasuku who have been part of the show for over five years.

Their bond seems unbreakable after they were fired from Dembe FM but decided to continue doing their craft on YouTube and are still going strong.

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