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Hon. Allan Ssewanyana ponders abandoning Katwe United Football Club due to lack of progress

Hon. Allan Ssewanyana addressing the media

Makindye West MP, Hon. Allan Ssewanyana publicly declared that he intended to establish Katwe United Football Club as the best club in the world but his dream and aspirations have so far been frustrated.

Speaking in an interview, the National Unit Platform (NUP) member of Parliament says he has had to face several challenges in achieving his dream that he is so many miles away from reaching based on how events are turning out.

He is at the moment contemplating quitting and ditching the football club to channel his energies into something different that would yield fruits.

Hon. Allan Ssewanyana notes that he has had to invest quite a lot in football but he has yet to see the results of his investment in monetary terms or progress amongst the players in the club.

He states he would have been quite delighted at least if the club players were progressing in terms of being called to the national team or being bought off by other football clubs but all that has not happened and he is blaming it on the Federation of Ugandan Football Association (FUFA) that he accuses of having a great hand in frustrating his projects.

He reasons so saying that all the troubles started ever since he declared his intentions of wanting to be the FUFA president, a dream on which he is yet to give up.

When you invest your money in something and don’t reap at least you want to see that the things you are investing in progress like seeing players going to other clubs or the national team. The main challenge is that all that doesn’t get to happen and you as a person, the capabilities also somehow decline mainly as the boss of a football club like Katwe United. With that put aside, even those fighting you become very many including FUFA which should defend you, instead they just drag you down. I established Katwe United to make it the best Club in the world. When the club progressed to the Big League, they played us syndicate in different ways disliking and hating our players, giving us limited licenses, and frustrating us in many ways denying our players that chance to feature on the National team, Allan Ssewanyana noted while addressing journalists.

He reasons so saying that all the troubles started ever since he declared his intentions of wanting to be the FUFA president, a dream on which he is yet to give up.

All this happened because I came out open and declared my intentions of wanting to become the FUFA president and I still pursue my dreams which has caused all these troubles, he added

He adds that sourcing for finance to pay players had also become a challenge since the Uganda


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