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Is Ragga Dee Eyeing A Ministerial Position?

Ragga Dee submitting his points during a shwo

Veteran musician and former Kampala City Lord Mayor contestant Daniel Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee seems to be eyeing a ministerial position in President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government.

The update comes through following the singer’s joining of efforts with talent manager and music business consultant Emma Carlos Mulondo spearheading the request of the formulation of the ministry for the creative sector.

While appearing on NTV’s Morning Show, Ragga Dee and Emma Carlos emphasized the need for the government to create an independent creative ministry for the arts industry.

The pair reasoned that with a ministry for arts created, it wouldn’t be all about pushing music alone, but would also help in solving and improving every creative aspect of the art in the country from craft to computer games.

We need a ministry for the creative sector. It is a big industry. With a ministry, we will not just be pushing the music industry. We would be improving every creative aspect of the country from arts and crafts to computer games and more – Ragga Dee, Musician

Emma Carlos Mulondo and Ragga Dee advocated for the creation of an independent creatives ministry to address the challenges facing the arts industry.

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They believe that the industry is scattered, with different sectors under different ministries, and that a single creative ministry would bring all the disciplines associated with art under the same umbrella thus

They further explained that the creative industry has a big employment sector that can close the unemployment gap in the country.

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