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I’ve never visited a country as beautiful as Uganda – Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu

Bishop Kaziimba Mugalu

Ugandan Anglican Bishop Dr. Samuel Stephen Kazimba Mugalu is full of praise for Uganda after he claimed that he has traveled the world but he has never visited a country as beautiful as Uganda.

The Bishop made the remarks while appearing on Bukedde TV and asserted that he loves Uganda very much based on how it is blessed with a natural climate and fertile soils that enable crops and plants to grow freely without the need to spray them.

He went ahead to state that when God was creating Uganda, He was in a good mood since He gifted it with very many beautiful and natural scenes like the water bodies and forests that help in the formation of the good weather.

Bishop Dr. Kazimba Mugalu further wondered why many individuals leave the country and travel to United Arab countries that are filled with sand since they experience a desert climate.

“I’ve visited many countries globally but I’ve never seen a country as beautiful as Uganda. I love Uganda, It is a country where we receive rainfall season after season. You plant anything anyhow and the plant grows without any hindrances or the need to spray it. God formed Uganda when he was actually in his moods. But some people living in Uganda, don’t know how blessed and gifted Uganda is. Some even relocate to nations that have a desert type of climate”, bishop Samuel Stephen Kazimba Mugalu stated during an interview on Bukeede TV

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