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Many people have heard or been in Uganda commonly referred to as the Pearl of Africa. Their experience and memories can tell how lovely the country is. However, our team managed to extract the five most interesting things about the beautiful country. This has been done especially for you our readers.


Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries with a very good tropical climate suitable for various activities like farming, settlement, trade, and many others. The beautiful rivers like the River Nile which is the longest in the world attract various water activities like rafting. The freshwater lakes like L.Victoria all suppling clean water for domestic and industrial use.

The mountains like Mt Rwenzori, and Mt Moroto have had a positive impact, especially on the tourism sector attracting various tourists from all over the world.


One of the main reasons as to why Ugandans are loved everywhere they go is their friendly nature. Unlike other countries where people don’t associate freely, in Uganda the natives easily associate regardless of the language, race, tribe, or cultural issues. On several occasions, Ugandans have been voted as the most friendly people around the world.



According to economic standards around the world, living in the Pearl is cheaper compared to other cities or countries. One can easily survive on a dollar per day.


The food in the country is fresh from the garden due to the fertile soils. That is a plus given the ongoing climatic changes around the world. After harvest the food is transported to the market where it is bought by the final consumers.


For years the beauty of our women has been a top-notch issue world over. No words can fully describe a naturally endowed woman who is  curvaceous.

Miss Uganda 2024 Kalema

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