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Hon: Mathias Mpuuga Is Nothing Without Bobi Wine – Frank Gashumba Fires Shots

Frank Gashumba the political, social, and economic analyst
Frank Gashumba the political, social, and economic analyst

Motor-mouthed political, social, and economic analyst Frank Malingumu Gashumba has bitterly fired shots at former Leader of Opposition (Lop) Hon: Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba claiming he is nothing without National Unity Platform (NUP) party leader, H.E Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine.

Speaking in an interview on Radio 4 Uganda, the loud-mouthed political analyst challenged Hon: Mathias Mpuuga to resign from his position and parliament to declare a by-election and prove to the world that he can win the seat again without the NUP card.

He stressed that if Hon: Mpuuga wins the election, he bet his hand to be chopped off thereby adding that the Masaka Nyendo MP should be very grateful to Robert Kyagulanyi for believing in him.

Hon: Mpuuga resign from the parliament and we run a by-election in Masaka today. I bet my hand if Mpuuga wins that seat again without the NUP card. There people who should at the moment praise Robert Kyagulanyi as God and he (Mpuuga) is one of them. If he wins the seat, I take my hand. 

Frank Gashumba furthermore noted that Hon: Mpuuga was in parliament for two terms but no one even knew or felt his impact in the house not until when Bobi Wine appointed him in the role of Lop and later demoted him to the position of Parliament Commissioner to which he was demoted but declined to step down.

He went on to assert that if Bobi Wine managed to elevate his status in the public by appointing him, he should also have the power to demote him in the same he empowered him.

Who appointed him as the Leader of Opposition? Kyagulanyi. Who appointed him as a commissioner? Kyagulanyi. If he had the powers to appoint you, he has the powers to disappoint you by firing you. If you know you’re bigger than Kyagulanyi and NUP resign and we run a by-election in Masaka and we see how you will return as an MP. 

Frank Gashumba noted that he couldn’t defend Hon: Mpuuga questioning how much he gave him on the Shs500m that he bagged that was given to him as a good leader of opposition by the parliament.

He further stung the Masaka-Nyendo MP saying he only knows how to dye his hair and nothing more than that before he added that he only chewed his money with his girlfriends and family members.

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