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Police Patrol Driver Knocks Boda-Boda Rider Seated On His Motorcycle

police patrol driver knock boda rider seated on his motorcycle
police patrol driver knock boda rider seated on his motorcycle

An uproar erupted at Arua Park, Kampala, when a Police patrol driver rammed into a boda-boda rider seated on his motorcycle, only identified as Onviti.

The Police patrol driver of the vehicle that bears the registration plate (UP 00005) immediately fled the place as the boda-boda rider, Onviti was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

We are not certain how severe the damages the rider sustained but by the time reports emerged, he had been taken to Mulago hospital. The patrol driver abandoned the vehicle and fled to the Nile Coach police post within Arua Park for safety as angered traders by the incident, attempted to confront the police driver.

The incident further fueled the anger of traders who began the day on a shut-down strike protesting against the enforcement of the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solutions (EFRIS) system by URA.

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Earlier, Police deployed heavily around the town along with the military patrolling various parts of the city to maintain order during the strike. Police also prevented an attempt to set tires on fire downtown, near the Ham Building as the protest against the EFRIS system by URA is still ongoing.

Police also arrested a trader suspected of setting fire to car tires in downtown Kampala. The arrest comes as traders begin a five-day sit-down strike in protest of the EFRIS system by URA Uganda. They have vowed to continue the strike until they meet with President Museveni.

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