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The Katiikiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga has come out to refute rumors made by various media outlets about the whereabouts of the chief of Kabakas’ security detail(Kabaka Protection Unity).

The Katiikiro informed the Kingdom that the chief of Kabakas’ security detail had gone for further studies since he had luckily obtained a scholarship abroad.

Captain Edward Ssempiija formally informed the kingdom and his request was officially granted. The Katiikiro Charles Peter Mayiga also commended Captain Edward Ssempijja for being a faithful and loyal servant who has served the kingdom wholeheartedly.

However, the Katiikiros’ remarks have dispelled allegations that Captain Edward Ssempijja forcefully resigned from his duty.

According to the Uganda Peoples Defence Spokesperson (UPDF) Brigadier General Flexis Kulaigye, Captain Edward Ssempijja did not get any formal clearance from the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF). Therefore, as an army officer, he has been given an ultimatum of twenty-one days.

After the expiry of the request, he will be declared absent without leave (AWOL) .” It is an act of indiscipline if an officer of such a rank absconds from duty given special duties he was assigned to,” Brigadier General Flexis Kulayigye added.

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“Now for us as the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) we are counting him as absent. After 21 days of his disappearance, he will be declared away without official leave. When you’re AWOL, you become a suspect so we look for you from that angle”, Felix Kulayigye



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