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flexis kulaigye from Uganda Peoples Defence Forces
flexis kulaigye from Uganda Peoples Defence Forces

The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces have today launched a nationwide recruitment aimed at empowering the force in capacity building. The main target is the youth to curb unemployment and to reinforce the army with strong ambitions.

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces aims to recruit over nine thousand youth. The applicants are expected to have completed senior four between 2023 and 2023, with passes in mathematics and English, and aged 18-22 years old.

The recruitment process will start on 1st July 2024 and end on 14th July 2024. The exercise will take place in 135 districts and in 11 cities around the country.

” The first stage for this recruitment is filling out the application forms and the applications are found on the UPDF website. We are sticking to a certain age bracket that is 18-22 for this application because they are fighters,” Brigadier General Flexis Kulaigye.

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According to Head of  Joint Staff and Training and Doctrine, Brigadier General Alex Olupot, they target to recruit 9627 new entrants.

UPDF is one of the strongest Army in East Africa, it was formed after the NRA fighters defeated the dictatorship regime at the time. After registering a landmark victory, after a five-year war. The National Resistance Movement under the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni embarked on the formation of a constitution and in 1995 it was promulgated. That is how NRA became UPDF.

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