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kcca cleaners stage another strike at city hall

kcca workers stage strike at city hall in kampala yesterday
kcca workers stage strike at city hall in kampala yesterday

After months of hard work without pay, and no clear sign of payment soon, the Kcca cleaners decided to stage another strike to air out their grievances to the public. They carried rubbish heaps, placards with words of discontent about how they were being mistreated and dumped them at the main gate of city hall.

It should be remembered that this is the fifth strike in a period of six months in vain. The staff which is mainly comprised of single mothers, youths, and some elderly persons have failed to meet their daily living standards like buying food, paying rent, and sending their children back to school.

It should also be noted that Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) pays a small salary of approximately 150,000 Uganda shillings monthly to each of these individual cleaners even though the directors of the Authority pocket millions of Uganda Shillings.

However, according to Kampala Capital City Authority, it acknowledges the delay in payments and the situation is not intentional. It is caused by an apparent deficit in the KCCA budget for the financial year 2023-2024 and a delayed release of the supplementary funds by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPD).

The Ministry of Finance confirmed the required funds were catered for in the supplementary budget and therefore all aspects for the financial year 2023-2024 will be fully paid.

KCCA has, in addition, received firm reassurance from the permanent secretary that the process of payments has started and will soon be completed by the Ministry’s payment system.

KCCA management therefore appeals to the cleaning workforce to wait patiently for the process to be finalised. It further warned that the aggrieved persons should not participate in criminal activities to express their anger because it would be an act against the law.

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