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Bobi Wine Launches NUP School of Leadership

Nup school of leadership

National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders led by the party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine have launched (Monday 10th June) the school of leadership in Kamwokya at the formerly NUP Headquarters.

During the unveiling of the school, it was revealed that the courses to be offered are aimed at equipping and skilling the current and future leaders of the country with desirable leadership skills.

On top of that, Bobi Wine stung the ruling regime for abolishing political education in a manner of keeping the youth green about the political landscape of their country.

NUP School of leadership

The party looks forward to shaping a new generation of leaders who will be equipped to bring change and to also actively work to dismantle the structures that enable them by leading with integrity, transparency, and accountability.

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Below is the statement in full from the party president as the launch took place;

This afternoon, we officially opened the National Unity Platform’s School of Leadership in Kamwokya. The courses to be offered at the school are intended to equip our current and future leaders with the skills they need to lead and the ability to realize their full potential. As part of our efforts to guide our country through the inevitable political transition ahead, the NUP School of Leadership is purposed to be a ‘factory’ from which a new generation of leaders shall emerge — leaders who are not just equipped to bring about change but are in fact the embodiment of the shift we also seek. Leaders who are not only able to resist the temptations of power but will also actively work to dismantle the structures that enable them by leading with integrity, transparency, and accountability. It is our duty to rise to the occasion and build a Uganda that is not only united but also free, just, and democratic; a Uganda whose citizens are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to participate actively in their governance”, Bobi Wine wrote on his socials 

The establishment of the school confirms NUP as the first political party in Ugandan political history to open up a school that equips its current and future leaders with the knowledge and skills to govern the country adequately.

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