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Sipapa Denies Allegations of Involvement In Gun-Theft Thuggery

Sipapa and Balaam sharig a light moment
Detained city socialite Charles Olim, better known as Sipapa, has distanced himself from allegations suggesting that he has over the years been involved in gun-theft thuggery.
Through a lengthy post on his official Facebook page, Sipapa attacked a yet-to-be-known individual whom he referred to as “Bro” requesting him to back off his business and focus on his personal goals rather than moving around tainting his name and image in a very shameful manner.
He further let the undisclosed individual get to know that he could never replace him adding how he is always in his office inviting his people and paying some of his former close friends to tarnish and make allegations against his name.
Sipapa reached the extent of saying he is no longer interested in all his impounded vehicles at Kabalagala Police Station noting that when he gets released from prison he would buy new rides. He bragged how he always used to be among the first 10 Ugandans to purchase every latest iPhone brand.
Sipapa in court during his case hearing
Sipapa and his wife Shamira Rukia Nakiyimba have been in jail since August 28th, 2022 when they were jointly detained on charges related to 13 counts of theft, money laundering, and aggravated robbery following the fact that they were on Police’s wanted list.
Here is Sipapa’s post in full as he wrote everything;
“Let me start by apologizing, I am sorry to pass my message through this platform.
Bro I think it’s the right time for you to concentrate on your plans because even if you continue spoiling my name you will never be me and you can’t replace me. Brother you always call my people in your office and also paying some of my
former friends to spoil my name what do you get from it ?.In my mind I thought that by now you would have got what I have but I am wondering why you are still on me. Brother you have guns, a Farm, Houses, Old cars, and an ATM card of Ugandan shillings Bro you keep telling people that am a thief and I have guns which I use to still from people which is not true and you even told them that I don’t know English and I can’t write my name coz I didn’t go to school, Bro I stopped in p7 and on top of that you would have said that am a Hacker but I don’t know how to use a computer, Bro when it comes to electronics I use the latest models and am an apple user so when it comes to Hacking in five (5) minutes you can’t get that pocket change in your account.
You painted me a name of being a thief and I accepted now you still telling my people that am a gun robber, killer, Brother now you want me to accept all.
Bro if I was a killer had you told my people by now you would have been dead coz this place is were really killers are by were one can come asking you to give him a job to kill for you a person disturbing you and you pay him after the job has been done. Bro am that good person whom everyone would like to be around him, and let me tell you this bro since I was born i have never hold a gun/ pistol and if to get money you have to use a gun then I rather die poor. Bro I have never and I will never pour someone’s blood 🩸 to get money and if I have ever done it I die from here. Bro am not that person they talk about on social media just because I keep quiet whenever I remember my grandmother’s words: my grand son never waste your time stoning backing dogs 🐕 on road side if you want to reach you destination in time, Bro police together with this “musiyaze “ they impounded all my motor vehicles and they created cases on them and I didn’t know that you were among them you count on my cars which you impounded just know that I no longer need them even if they give them to me now I can’t seat in those cars anymore and I can tell that all your minds are on those cars at kabalagala police station and kirinya police station, Bro I no longer need them just go at police you take them or sell them. Am now thinking about the new concept of a new Range Rovers,BMW,Audi,Rolls Royce,Jeep,Cross country. And don’t forget that am a head of you with that PHD of yours what you say in English I can do the meanings than you. Brother the guns you talking about my body guards were the ones having them Ak47,pistol,And many more which I don’t know the names. Brother what I remember i told the Big man himself that am going to work for you but i will end up in prison with my family and everything I have which they know they will take it from me. For example like Kitata and many more but to cut the story short he promised to protect me that’s how I received the body guards if you are not contented please consult Akumu Annet and Molly Kamukama. Bro I think in NRM only Milly Babalanda is the one who gave my wife one million and that’s all, but people were spreading rumors that I was given money from state house and i decided to keep quiet and to make people believe that when you join our party you get money which I my self didn’t get, people were abusing me that am spoiling tax payers money 💰.
Bro I joined your party to add on it but not take from it and that issue of you saying that i gave Col Damulira money 💰 honestly it’s a lie , I used to go to his office for some advise cause he used to call me whenever he heard something not going well on me. Bro remember those days you could not even come out of your house you were with your family watching me on TV📺 and me I was fighting with NUP people, do you think I was happy when they use to call me “SIPAPA “ oli muganda waffe,Bro gamba musajawo oyo omusiyazi asigale nga asiyaga abavubuka abato nze anveko and tell him that soon am going to start posting his videos with obulenzi obuto he deleted some of those videos in my drive thinking that I had no copies nabo bano bagambe nti siri musiru nga webalowoza in your mind when you here me say that I didn’t go to school you think I don’t know that they track I phone, Bro I my self am an iPhone user and am one of those first Ten to buy the latest model every year in Uganda 🇺🇬, I wonder how the phone which your friends claim that they got them in my house changed to another mode l during trial. Please investigate before you judge 🙏🙏🙏Mukama akume”, Sipapa
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