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Hon. Mpuuga , supporters set to cerebrate political milestone in Masaka.

Hon. Mathius Mpuuga a member of parliament of Uganda
Hon. Mathius Mpuuga a member of parliament of Uganda

For a very long time, a political rivalry has been boiling in the central region especially the areas in and from Buganda. Supporters from the different camps doing whatever it takes to mobilize for support ahead of the coming general elections. Hon. Mathius Mpuuga has organized a function that many think is going to be a political baptism to kick off his journey for the presidency.

The function slated for 26 June 2024, is going to host the Katiikiro of Buganda as the guest of honor and so many other dignitaries of the kingdom and the central government.

Many notable people have also been invited including members from the National Unity Platform (NUP), a political party to which he still belongs as a member despite the party disowning him as their commissioner in parliament.

However, it should be remembered that the National Unity Platform party leadership and Hon. Mathius Mpuuga have been at loggerheads for a very long time. Since it was discovered that the commissioner of parliament received what was termed as a service award worth 500 million shillings without following proper parliament procedure.

According to the National Unity Platform, the service award was a bribe and corruption hence against the principles on which the party was founded.

This followed an immediate emergency meeting of the top leadership leading to the suspension of Hon. Mathius Mpuuga as the commissioner of parliament.

In a shocking turn of events, the commissioner denied any wrongdoing and called the actions of the party a stunt to blackmail him and spoil his name in public.

The organizing committee also headed by Dr. Abed Bwanika a staunch supporter of Hon. Mpuuga,  has claimed to have extended an invitation to the leadership of the National Unity Platform.

However, the NUP spokesperson dispelled the rumors.

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